is a start-to-finish project designer for premium residential space.  As a single portal for all of your interconnected project functions, ADLER & ASSOCIATES LTD eases the process through every phase while introducing the newest, widest scope of professional design.
“Associates” in the firm’s name are our network of designers, engineers, contractor, tradespeople, artisans and suppliers who have earned our confidence for superior workmanship and reliability.  Our experience, communication and familiarity with them are honoured by priority treatment, and you’ll be as appreciative as we are to see these skilled, trustworthy specialists transforming your property. 
ADLER & ASSOCIATES LTD regards designing as a fluid process combining ongoing creative renewal, seasoned professionalism and dialogue.  In striving to achieve this balance, we reassure you of representing your taste beautifully, attentively overseeing progress on-site and achieving long term value.



  • design consultations and presentation
  • cataloguing and measuring furnishings you wish to use
  • innovative layout design
  • detailed plans, drawings and revisions
  • permits
  • contractor referrals
  • quality assurance
  • on-site resolution of issues
  • fabrics and materials sourcing
  • fine-tuning furniture placement


William L. Adler, Leading Designer

ARIDO, IDC, ASID leads our design practice.  He is a connoisseur of international design, from ancient to contemporary.  His knowledgeable approach transcends floor, wall and ceiling décor to contemplate their spatial relationships based on design theory and aesthetic discipline.  He has a creative capacity to elicit client direction and visualize the detailed finished design before drawing a single plan.  He then oversees that vision materializing into your desired indoor and outdoor living space.
William’s colour sensibility enlivens your chosen palette with delightful complements and contrasts, and his eye for precision and detail produces a statement that only sophisticated design conveys.  Guided by his expertise and taste, you can expect design that has cohesion, integrity and an exquisite look that’s personally yours.


Una Tomic, Designer

After having received her MA in the Design + Organization of Public Spaces in 2006 from the Elvisa School of Design, University Pompeu de Fabra in Barcelona, Una arrived in Canada and began her association with Adler & Associates.

Her mediterranean style, along with her european sensibilities have blended well with the north american Design profession. Her specialty is being able to see through very complicated layers to “simplify” and to “organize” spaces to their utmost. She has developed a creative working relationship with William Adler, the company and its many creative trades people. She is a creative treasure.


Eva Schibi, Office Menager

Eva is a woman of many qualities who has been with the company for more than ten years. Her daily duties are involved with finance and purchasing and interacting with clients and suppliers, which luckily for all of us, she has wonderful understanding of the creative process. This helps in daily "action" of our office.
Because of her sense of order and correctness everything moves efficiently and precisely.



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